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The Genuine Walbro WB-37-1 Carburetor Description

Walbro Carburetor for Tohatsu MP 472, F100 GC Multi-Purpose Engine & Others

Carburetor# WB-37-1

Before gasoline makers started adding ethanol to gasoline, rebuilding a carburetor was a repair that was rarely–if ever–needed. Since the ethanol in gasoline breaks down the gaskets and other rubber components in the carburetor, these days you will find it necessary to rebuild your carburetor when the parts become cracked or brittle. A well-maintained carburetor will only need a rebuild every few years when the internal components begin breaking down.

Model Airplane 150cc-200cc Paramotor Engine   
MP 472 Multi-Purpose  
Vitorazzi Monster
F100 GC
F100 AC
F1 M9
Mini 2+
Mini 4
Mini 4 E
C- Max S
C- Max E
125 E
H & E Airmax
Polini Thor
190 Light
200 EVO 
PWK Flash
F200 Light
Rotor 130

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